Welcome to St. Agnes Parish

Come worship with us at St. Agnes!  

Be sure to read our weekly bulletin for important news, information, events & updates!

Keep up on news in our Diocese of Hamilton by visiting the website often: www.hamiltondiocese.com.

Catholic radio content in Waterloo Region: the Holy Rosary is prayed each Sunday morning at 9:00am on FM98.5 CKWR 5:30am – 6:00am –  a beautiful start to your Sunday.  Please share with those who could find this a helpful and peace giving resource.

NEW!! Bishop Barron’s “Word on Fire” Catholic Radio show also airs on FM98.5 CKWR,   Please consider a donation to 98.5 CKWR to continue to fund important Catholic programming.  Contact:  519-886-9870×35 or  for details or on-line donations, visit:  www.ckwr.com

Is a loved one sick? Please contact the parish office to arrange for their name to be added to the intention list for community prayers during Mass. Also, the Sacrament of the Sick can be arranged with the office – Fr. Aleks will visit & annoint those that are ill. Learn about this Sacrament & when to receive it: Information on the Sacrament of the Sick   

What is the PURA VIDA FOUNDATION?     See the photos of the site on our  Parish Outreach  page.  PURA VIDA is our St. Agnes Parish’s Parish Outreach project, to help women & youth at risk in Peru.  This initiative is a new and important undertaking by our parish, to share the gift of our resources with those far outside our direct community, desperately in need of generosity of those who can help.  Please donate whatever you are able to this worthy cause.  Click here for the background and how to donate – thank you!

Please remember that parish operating expenses continue while people are away, so we ask that you consider signing up for the parish Pre Authorized Offering program. Other options exist such as post dating your contributions. We thank you for your support of our parish operations. Please Contact the parish office for more information.


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2 Responses to Welcome to St. Agnes Parish

  1. Janet Kauk says:

    I live in the neighborhood and was wondering why we have not heard the church bells in a very long time? I always looked forward to hearing them. The sound of the bells is very much missed.

    • Hello Janet

      This is Elizabeth Ingle of St. Agnes Parish Council.
      My sincere apologies for such a delay in responding to your email!
      And, thank you for writing with this important inquiry as well.

      Yes, it has been some time since we ceased ringing the bells and it is good to know that folks do remember them and even miss hearing them (myself included!). Sadly, due to the age of the bells, and the intricate & costly repair that would be needed to keep them functioning (the parts were manufactured in Germany and in past had to be sourced from there which was challenging), we had to stop ringing the bells. There were further concerns about some damage to the tower and base due to the design, vibration and the resulting stresses to the structure from that vibration.

      We are looking into options and do hope – and pray – that one day we will have that beautiful sound of church bells calling out to the community once again.

      Thank you again for connecting with your question!

      Elizabeth Ingle
      St. Agnes Parish

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