Parish Life Support

Parish Council

For full details on our 2011 – 2012 council please see the complete overview of our current group of Parish Council members, serving you, our parishioners

The “board of directors” who enable and co-ordinate the major activities of the parish. The Council acts in support of our parish priest, Fr. Piotr Machnacki, as well as a representative and voice of the parishioners.  The Council is led by a President and Chair.  This position is currently held by Dan Weber.

Contact:  To contact the Parish Council President or the contact person for a particular committee, please call the parish office at 519-885-4480

Finance Committee

The Finance Committe oversees the financial structure and accounting of the parish.  It is comprised of 2 Co-Chairs, as well as support staff performing necessary bookkeeping functions.


Provide reception and hospitality for many special occasions at the parish. Coffee Sunday , annual parish picnic, and more.


Publishing of Parish Council newsletters & special bulletins.

Our Schools

Each of our 3 elementary schools  and our high school, are represented on council by a Parish-School liason, or Representative.  Information about school life is brought to council and conversely, parish news is communicated to school councils by the parish rep.


Parish needs in the area of health and wellness are represented and addressed.


Upkeep of building and grounds


Assisting in the celebration of the Mass

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