Worship Support

The Introduction of the New Roman Missal

The New Roman Missal was introduced with the beginning of Advent, 2011.  Please visit the Diocese of Hamilton website to learn more about this significant change:  http://www.hamiltondiocese.com/site/images/stories/letters/pastoral-letter-roman-missal.pdf

We invite you to participate in the Holy Mass and parish life.  Here are some of the various roles available:

Commentators & Lectors

Read announcements and/or proclaim Word of God during Mass; training if desired. Schedule according to personal preferences.

Contact: Chris Kleisath
Phone:   Parish Office 519 -885-4480

Eucharistic Ministers

Distribute Eucharist at Mass; training required. Scheduled according to preferences.

Contact: Chris Kleisath
Phone:    Parish Office 519-885-4480


Greet people as they enter the Church before Mass to make them feel welcome. Scheduled according to preferences.

Contact: Mary Ellen Lahn
Phone: 519-885-4480


Seat parishioners, collect offering, and guide people to front for Communion; distribute bulletins after Mass; occasional special tasks

Contact: John Reinhart
Email: john.reinhart@sympatico.ca

Flower and Decorating

Weekly maintenance of flowers and floral arrangements. Set up Easter, Christmas and special occasions.

Contact: Parish Office
Phone: 519-885-4480


Clean and polish precious vessels, candle holders, etc. Wash and iron altar cloths and other linens.

Contact: Marilynne Feeney
Phone: 519-885-4480

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