Our Parish Council

Parish Council

Thank you to all parishioners who attended the Annual General Meeting on June 2nd.  A special thanks to all of our outgoing council members and Chair Dan Weber, for their dedication and commitment to the growth of our parish.  We welcome a new council this fall, and our new Chair Debbie MacIntosh.

Parish Council Newsletters: October 2011December 2011, April 2012September 2012

Christmas 2012 Parish Council Newsletter, Parish Council newsletter Summer 2013 Final

Parish_Council_Newsletter Winter 2013 2014

If you have any questions of the Council or wish to attend a meeting please contact  Debbie MacIntosh, Council Chairperson, at the parish office at 519.885.4480.  You may also contact our Pastor Fr. Aleks by calling the parish office at any time.

Council Members, 2014-2015

Pastor & Council President         Fr. Aleks Mazur

Administration                                Judy Kerr

Finance Council                               Tony Maruna

Chairperon                                         Debbie MacIntosh

Communications                              Elizabeth Ingle

Youth                                                    Spencer Burton

Property                                               Steve Ingle

CWL                                                       Sue Egan

Knights of Columbus                       Chris Kleisath

Vacant                                                   Recording Secretary, Hospitality

At Large Postitions                          Dan Weber, Ken Benninger, Teresa

                                                                           Milton and Daniel Bader

School Reps: 

St. Agnes – Kathy Bader                 St. Luke – Kris Takas

St. Matthew – Barb Kleisath         St. David – vacant


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