Catholic Schools in the Parish

St. Agnes Parish is spiritual home for three elementary schools and shares, with other Waterloo parishes, the spiritual care for St. David Secondary School. These schools tend to the emotional, spiritual and educational needs of over 2000 students. Our parish priests and program director work closely with the elementary schools and support, whenever possible, the programs coordinated by the chaplain and teachers of St. David’s. The quality of education and spiritual guidance at these schools is an example of the good relationship between school, home and parish. School activities, special awards, and sacramental programs are supported through the prayers and work of parishioners.

Why Choose a Catholic School for Your Child?

After all is said and done, Catholic schools are about creating small Christian communities which are meant to mirror the values of the home and the church. This is the learning environment Catholic educators seek to create.

What these communities provide to students in this fragmented society of ours is a zone and a sense of personal stability. Amidst all of the many voices and messages with which young people are bombarded, amidst all they learn from the media, what they hear on MuchMusic, what they read in the newspapers and watch on television – amidst all these voices they need a word and a voice which assures them some stability. They need some clear and uncompromising sense of identity which only community can offer.

For more information about Catholic education, call the Waterloo Catholic District School Board at 578-3660 or check their web site at

Local School Directory

St. David Catholic Secondary School (9-12)
4 High Street, Waterloo N2L 3X5
Main Office: 519-885-1340
Fax:  519- 885-1345
Attendance Office:  519- 885-4352

St. Agnes Elementary School (JK-8)
245 Neilson Ave., Waterloo N2J 2M3
Main Office: 519-885-3180
Fax: 519-885-3183

St. Matthew Elementary School (JK-8)
316 Auburn Dr., Waterloo N2K 3V6
Main Office: 519-886-9311
Fax: 519-886-9121

St. Luke Elementary School (JK-8)
550 Chesapeake Dr., Waterloo
Main Office: 519-884-4912
Fax: 519-886-9121

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