The overall principle here is the sacredness of human life. The first three categories are the “big issues” of Catholic moral teaching, and documents concerning the topics listed here are referenced by an excellent diocesan website. The final two categories list additional, specific issues of justice and the practical application of our faith. Our resources give many related sites.

Medical Ethics

Issues include: genetic technology, embryo research, surrogate mothers, research on human subjects, AIDS, organ donation, suffering, pain relief, brain death, euthanasia, prolonging life with extraordinary means, and proxy consent.

Human Sexuality

Issues include: family and marriage, natural family planning, abortion, in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, sterilization, contraception, homosexuality, pornography, and sexual abuse.

Social Justice (on Web)

Issues include: war, non-traditional means of war, peace, disarmament, political structures, population, immigration and refugees, work, unemployment, just wage, labor unions, labor relations, ecology, social change, the economy, investment, property, poverty, and consumerism.

More on Social Justice

Specific justice issues include: the rights and status of women and children, child labor, discrimination, fair trade vs. free trade, sustainable agriculture, multinational vs. local business, responsible shopping, simple living as the alternative to consumerism, the right of all people to health care, nutrition, shelter and human dignity.

Practical Modern Living

Responsible parenting: providing boundaries and example, as well as nurturing. Finding time for family, friends and God. Living with principles in the midst of television, rap and the consumer milieu. Managing anger and addictions. Seeking fulfillment vs. “success”. Discerning the Spirit in others and treating them accordingly in the way we speak, act and show our compassion.

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