Sacramental Preparation

For further information about Sacramental Preparation (those below, or any additional), please contact the parish office at  519-885-4480

Our Catholic Schools provide our children with a beautiful religion program beginning in Grade 1. Sacramental preparation for children is organized by the parish. Programs for children who have not been attending Catholic schools are available through a correspondence program provided by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. All inquiries should be directed to our Pastoral Assistant.

Parents of all children who plan to receive either First Holy Communion or Confirmation are requested to attend the meeting in the fall to hear about the sacramental preparation process and how to accompany their children along the way. See parish & school news in September for details.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) is a group-based program for introducing adults to the Faith, and culminating in Baptism and Confirmation. It meets weekly from October until Pentecost.  To learn more please visit the RCIA page under the tab “Faith Development”.

Marriage requires consultation with the parish at least six months before the planned event. A marriage preparation course is normally required, and an additional course is available (both held at St. Agnes). In addition, some retreat centres offer programs for engaged couples.

Infant and Child Baptism should be arranged at least two months in advance. Three steps precede the actual baptism: a home visit; a preparation program for parents; and presentation of the child at Mass the week prior to the Baptism.

Additional information about selected programs is available under education.

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