Is God calling you to the life of priesthood or religious life?  Take a moment to explore Vocations by visiting:  http://www.hamiltondiocese.com/vocations/   and be sure to visit www.vocationinfo.ca.  Meet Fr. Wojciech Kuzma, Vocation Director for the Diocese of Hamilton and become informed about the priesthood & religious life.

Have you seen the mini-series The Life of a Parish Priest?  Produced by Father Wojciech Kuzma, Vocations Director for the Diocese of Hamilton, this mini-series explores the life of men who have given themselves completely to the service of God, the Catholic Church and God’s people.  “Priests on Holidays” is the latest episode –  enjoy watching a group of priests having fun during a winter holiday, sharing in the beauty of priestly fraternity!http://www.hamiltondiocese.com/news/2013/January/priests-on-holidays

Learn about The Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lczvV_xnMGg&feature=player_embedded


Our Candidates

Each Sunday, following Holy Communion, our parish prays the Prayer for Vocations with commitment and dedication.  God has truly answered our prayers with the blessing of three young men who are following their calling for  Priesthood & the Permanent Diaconate .   We are very proud to share that seminarian David Reitzel is preparing for Diocesan Priesthood, & seminarian Curtis Miller is now studying with the Norbertine Order in California, while Ed MacIntosh, our Deacon candidate, began his formation for the Permanent Diaconate in the fall of 2012.


Scroll down to read  updates from each of our candidates David Reitzel, Curtis Miller & Ed MacIntosh

**ORDINATION update:  details on the date of David John Reitzel’s Ordination can be found here:  Ordination of David John Reitzel

David Reitzel:  preparing for the Sacrament of Holy Orders:     http://www.staugustines.on.ca/

CONGRATULATIONS to Deacon David Reitzel – David was ordained a Deacon by Bishop Daniel Miehm in a beautiful celebration at our parish on Friday June 5th.  Read about the celebration along with a message from David:  http://hamiltondiocese.com/news/2015/June/diaconate-ordination-of-mr-david-john-reitzel

The Journey to Priesthood

From the Diocese of Hamilton Website:  A diocesan priest dedicates his life in the service of Christ and the people within a given territory called a Diocese. Conformed to Christ through the sacrament of holy orders, he is called to preach the word of God, to celebrate the sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist which is the centre of his life and ministry, and to lead those entrusted to his care into a deeper relationship with the Lord. A priest commits himself to a daily discipline of personal prayer. Read more…http://www.hamiltondiocese.com/vocations/priesthood.php

Follow David’s journey of formation by reading letters from David.  Check back for updates from David which will be posted for all to follow:

Letter #2 from David Reitzel November 2012.doc

Letter #1 from David Reitzel, September 2012


Curtis Miller:  as of August 2012 Curtis is studying with the Norbertine order in California

Curtis Miller’s journey saw him reach a decision this year to change his course of study for formation as a Diocesan Priest to pursue a life of service in an order known as the “Norbertines”, – an order with a very long history.  Curtis moved to California in August of this past summer and is studying at St. Michael’s Abbey www.stmichaelsabbey.com.        We support Curtis in his journey and are looking forward to regular updates from him.  We will be sure to keep the parish updated!

January 2013:  Congratulations to our seminarian Curtis Miller studying for the priesthood at St. Michael’s Abbey in California.  He has just completed vestition, and has taken his new name  Peter Adrian.  Click below to watch a short youtube video showing Curtis, now Peter Adrian, with his brother seminarians also just vested.  Learn the background of their chosen name and see the transition to the vestments now worn in this stage of their studies for priesthood.  Please continue to pray for our seminarians and deacon candidate! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qO0U0rcakss

December 2012An Update on Curtis Miller


Ed MacIntosh:  our Deacon Candidate & Chaplain of St. David High School, Waterloo

“What is a Deacon” and “What Role do they play in the Church?”

Many of St. Agnes’ Parishioners have asked these questions since our own Ed MacIntosh has been accepted as a Candidate for the Permanent Diaconate. This is a small synopsis of the Diaconate to give you a better idea of what Ed’s role as a Deacon might look like. Click to read & learn about What is a Deacon?

June 2015 – read the newest update from Ed including a special “save the date” notice for the ordination next year!  Update from Ed MacIntosh June 2015

January 2015 – A New Year, a New Update from Ed:                      Update from Deacon Candidate Ed MacIntosh January 2015

January 2014 – Congratulations Ed!  Ed MacIntosh has been installed to the Ministry of Lector for the Diocese of Hamilton.  Read the news: Update from Deacon Candidate Ed MacIntosh January 2014

See the photos: http://hamiltondiocese.com/news/2014/January/the-rite-of-installation-to-the-ministry-of-lector

A letter from Ed to the Parishioners of St. Agnes: A message from Ed

July 2013:  Summer Update from Deacon Candidate Ed MacIntosh July 2013

June 2013:  A special message from Ed following the completion of  year one.  The End of Year One for Deacon Candidate Ed MacIntosh

January 2013Congratulations to Ed MacIntosh who has just completed the Aspirancy period in his journey to the Permanent Diaconate. Ed is one of five men whom Bishop Crosby, OMI in a celebration on January 20th,  has  admitted to Candidacy for the Permanent Diaconate in the Diocese of Hamilton.  Read more: http://hamiltondiocese.com/news/2013/January/first-year-permanent-diaconate-program-retreat

December 2012:  Click to read the latest update on Ed’s journey                               Letter from Deacon Candidate Ed MacIntosh December 2012

We congratulate Ed & his family!  Ed began his formation for the permanent diaconate in the Diocese of Hamilton on September 8, 2012, along with four other candidates.  Read more…http://www.hamiltondiocese.com/vocations/diaconate.php

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